A Look Back on 2009

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2009 began with an optimistic outlook, but with prices dropping we had to fight harder than ever to show customers the value they were receiving by working with us.
In an effort to capture new opportunities, we signed a Construction Partnership Agreement with Stripe right Inc (MBE), through the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA). This has helped us identify new job opportunities while giving us the chance to help mentor a small, minority owned firm. 
In the spring we were awarded a significant portion of the new Target Field site. This led to Carciofini installing over 45 miles of caulk at this site, making this project one of our company’s biggest to date! We couldn’t have done it without our excellent office and field staff working together.
This fall, a large re-caulking project came to us with a very short timeline. We agreed to the challenge and started the project.
 Then the weather hit…out of 90 days on site it rained for 30 with 26” of rain. We still completed nearly 90,000 linear feet of caulking on time for our customer as promised.
Though a slow year compared to others, we were fortunate to be able to continue to serve our customers. We raise our glasses this New Years to lessons learned and new opportunities in 2010