All of our field employees have received operator training and are certified to operate manually-propelled work platforms, self-propelled booms, self-propelled scissors, and trailer mounted aerial work platforms and will comply with all associated State, Federal and ANSI regulations.

Suspended Access

Many of our Field Employees have completed suspended access and rigging safety courses through Spider and are considered “Competent Persons” on swing stages as well as a variety of other rigging equipment.


All of our Field Employees and our Project Managers are OSHA 10 certified


Field Supervisors and Foreman are OSHA 30 certified

Expansion Joints

Many of our Field Employees and Project Managers have completed training programs and are Certified Installer Contractors of the following expansion joint systems: MM Systems, Watson Bowman Acme (WABO)


We are a Hilti Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractor and a 3M Trained Installer. We are currently undergoing the process of becoming a UL Certified Contractor.


We are a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

First Aid/CPR

Field Supervisor and Forman have a 2 yr certificate for First Aid/CPR/AED