Joint Sealants

Carciofini installs common sealants: Silicone, Urethane, Self Leveling Semi-Rigid, and Security Sealants

Silicone Sealants

Silicone caulking materials are made up of non-organic compounds which will far outlast a urethane sealant.

Urethane Sealants

Urethane caulking materials are generally used in interior locations because it can be painted.

Semi-Rigid Sealants

Self Leveling Semi-Rigid joint filler, were developed to fill and protect joints in industrial concrete floors. Products are polyurea or epoxy depending on desired movement.

Security Sealants

They are epoxy based sealants that are “pick proof” most often used in correctional facilities.


Firestopping is designed to contain heat and smoke to one location, to protect lives in your building.

Traffic Coatings

Traffic coatings are generally used on parking decks, roof decks, mechanical rooms, stairs, stadium bleachers, and garages. Waterproof & slip resistant, these coatings protect concrete by guarding against chemical intrusion, impact, & abrasions.

Expansion Joint Systems

Expansion Joints can be designed to accommodate  joints with excessive movement, beyond the ability of caulking.


We offer asphalt sheet or fluid waterproofing for below grade. We also provide clear seals for concrete surfaces.


We provide sealant & mortar restoration on all types of substrates.